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About Pinkfluence

Gift shopping for a teen or college-aged girl is not as simple as it sounds. In fact, it can be pretty stressful! You risk being labeled as “out of touch,” “clueless,” or even worse, “old fashioned.”

I experienced this with my own daughter and got inspired to do something about it. I set out to create a universal wish list for girls that would give them a simple way to “ask for what they want!”

Girls!  Here’s  your chance to let people know exactly what you like and want as gifts for your birthday, graduation, prom, back-to-school, holidays, college dorm, etc, etc!

Our Product

Our online site (in Beta) lets users collect anything they see from any online store and save to a wish collection to share with family & friends.  Here’s our Pinkfluence Video Tutorial.

Our mobile wish list app, was just released late last year . We’re already seeing downloads from girls all over the globe and we’re super excited to share new features soon!

Our Brand

We’re more than an app! We’re on a mission to build a community that shares an understanding of the growing influence that girls have everywhere. Our app supports that mission by giving users a tool to “ask for what they want!”

The Pinkfluence Blog

We’re keeping things simple. We’ll post a few items weekly. We’re a lean team with plans to grow. Please send us a note to let us know how we’re doing at info@pinkfluence.com

Your Dreams

We created this for you! It’s a seed. An acorn. Tiny yet powerful. Share your thoughts on how we can make Pinkfluence better by writing to us at info@pinkfluence.com.

Thanks & smiles!

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Maria Arteaga, Founder