Startups, passion, babies, sleep and puppies.


Haven’t been sleeping much.

A journey of endless reading, learning, discovering, focusing, writing, designing, white-boarding, thinking, networking, planning, projecting, and everything else that goes into launching a startup can put a sizable dent into one’s sleep activity.

Add being a “chauffeur” (with laptop in tow) to a soon-to-drive herself teen daughter and the fluctuating hormones that go along this mom-daughter team…, days are fast, fun and sometimes furious.

This got me thinking. How can something you love so much drive you to such exhaustion? Think about it. Yep.

Launching a startup is a lot like having a baby and you’re the parent (mom OR dad). And, if you don’t have kids, well then…how ’bout raising puppies.

You want the best for it (him or her). You want to nurture it. You want it to grow up and “be somebody,” or, as in the case of my brand, something special. You think about its well being all the time. You stay up reading the latest books. You search for “sanity checks” because although you think you know what you’re doing, you really don’t. There’s no silver bullet.  You worry constantly. And, if you’re bootstrapping like me, you’re worrying how on earth to sustain.  There’s no one telling you you’re doing it right and if they are, that inner voice tells you to listen with caution.  Yet you’re connected.  You feel a bond, like no other. You get it. You know it’s your “baby” and you’ll do whatever it takes to do right by it.

And then it happens.  That first smile or in a startup’s case, validation.  Positive feedback from users, increase in downloads, or a call from a retailer, all act as validation to move forward. You feel you’re raising a good kid and it feels right.  And that place inside you, your inner passion, your gut, your “vibe” is where the energy source lies.  And as much as you expend, it comes back tenfold.

I love it. Every second of every minute of every hour.

As I head into my evening a little on the tired side I think about what inspires me and keeps me moving. I reflect back on an old blog post I wrote in September and think I should add the following:

– Become master of the power nap

– Make Friday Happy Hour a weekly habit

On those two notes…I’ll continue to take pride in both babies I’ve created for what they are and what they’ll become.

Loving, living & learning.


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