How Do You Know You’re Making The Right Decision


On a daily basis we are asked to make decisions, some we don’t even think about any more because it just becomes habit. Do I turn right or left? Should I hit the snooze button one more time? What should I wear to school (or work) today?

However, sometimes we are forced into situations where we have tougher, or bigger, decisions to make. So how do we know if we’re making “the right” call?

First let’s be clear…

There is no “wrong” decision. Sure, some choices might lead to more painful lessons than others, but trust that whatever you decided, it was the right experience for you in that moment. In the end, the hope is that you learned something about yourself, others, or life, that will help you grow. Maybe your decision will open a new door or possibility you hadn’t even thought about.

My suggestion….

Follow your heart and listen to your brain.

Get clear about what you want, and then stop and listen. What was your gut reaction? Now look at the decision rationally, weighing the pros and cons of each possible choice to figure out what, realistically, makes the most sense for you. Ask yourself: Is this something that you’ll feel good/proud about doing after the fact? If the answer is yes, and it feels right deep down inside, it probably is.

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