Top Fitness Trends for the New Year


With the New Year already underway, we know you’re working hard on those resolutions! It’s no surprise many of them are fitness-related so we decided to highlight some of the top fitness trends for 2015:


By now, I’m sure everyone is familiar with what these four letters stand for, but in case you’re not, HIIT is short for High Intensity Interval Training. This type of workout calls for short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by short recovery times (which in turn burns tons of calories!). HIIT was big in 2014, and it’s still hot this year!

Most gyms now have some type of HITT class in their group exercise schedule, while other clubs were actually created to solely deliver HIIT classes to members, like OrangeTheory Fitness.

Body Weight Training & Functional Fitness

In 2015, more fitness professionals will look to shift their clients’ focus to training movements rather than just muscles. Because your body works as an integrated, interdependent unit, exercises should relate. Instead of targeting one specific muscle group with a machine, exercises using multiple muscle groups with a focus on the core and the total body become the priority.

To top it off, most of these workouts can be done using body weight alone, with minimal or no equipment needed. Think squats, lunges, pushups, pullups and planks!

Fitness Tracking

Thanks to products like FitBit and the Nike+ Fuelband, fitness enthusiasts can now track their progress with ease. This tech trend includes wristbands that track your daily activity, heart rate monitors and other wearable devices. There will also be lots of group fitness classes looking to use fitness tracking to help create performance-based games out of their classes, pushing gym-goers to their max and making fitness fun! (Members stats will be displayed on the wall and you’ll be able to compete against others in the room, or maybe even against another class at a gym across the country!)


The key to any good fitness program is balance. To have a well-rounded routine there needs to be elements of strength, flexibility, cardio and of course, recovery. This year, more then ever, we’ll see a focus on self-care through massage and restorative yoga. Fitness buffs will be using foam rollers and massage balls to take care of their muscles, while adding meditation and yoga into their routines, now understanding the full mind/body connection.

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